DIY Wire Knot Ring


I love rings, but my skinny, boney fingers make it hard to find small sizes that don’t overwhelm my entire hand. There are lots of ways to use wire to make dainty rings in a variety of ways, such as with hearts, infinity symbols, etc. You can make this simple wire knot ring in just a few minutes with minimal effort, and it fits even my scrawny fingers.


You’ll need wire, wire cutters and/or shapers, and something round that is approximately the size of your finger. I used the skinny part of a highlighter to match my ring size.


Wrap the wire around the highlighter to create the circular shape and leave approximately two inches of extra wire before cutting it. It’s always better to have too much slack than not enough. Place it over your finger to make sure it will fit and adjust accordingly. Then begin wrapping the slack wire around itself into a ball. Bring pieces up and through it to tangle the wires. Cut off the unnecessary leftover wire and use the wire cutters/shapers to fold the ends into the knot to avoid catching it on anything.


Now you have a dainty wire knot ring made just for you in minutes!

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