Meet Oliver

Everyone, meet Oliver!


Oliver is the newest member of our little household, and we couldn’t be happier to have this little bundle of purrs. Seriously, he purrs like a motorboat. It’s adorable!

Andrew and his sister are friends with someone who works for a shelter here in LA, and she connected us with this little guy through a friend of hers. Oliver (formerly known as Cheetoh) was found behind a Starbucks dumpster and is only about 3-4 months old. We were fortunate that the shelter paid for all of his expenses – they gave him his shots, neutered him and gave him the medicine he needed for fleas and worms. Now he’s in perfect shape and even knows how to use his littler box! We’re the luckiest adoptive parents ever.

His foster mom, a volunteer for the shelter, brought him to us on Sunday, and needless to say, he has been the center of attention. As you can see, he’s getting pretty comfortable.



He has the cutest old man face and concerned eyebrows! I’ll never get sick of this little guy. If you follow my Instagram, be prepared to see nothing but kitty photos from now on (sorry not sorry). Stay tuned for updates on Oliver and the many projects I’m sure to make for him!



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