On 2014 + Looking Ahead to 2015

This is the end, guys. Thursday is a new year, and I’m totally shocked by how quickly this one has gone by. It seems appropriate that I take a look back on 2014 because, honestly, I’m really proud of myself. This has been an incredible year for me and for the blog. I’m not going to make declarations of my goals or my New Years resolutions because that’s not really who I am, but I am going to look back on what I’ve accomplished in 2014 to remind myself how far I’ve come and to give you a little insight into my own life this past year. Plus, I’m happy to reflect on my most popular posts and my favorite projects in 2014. Let’s take a look at the big things that happened this year:

1. I found my first real big-girl job. After a lot of hard work and schooling, I was rewarded with a real full-time job with benefits, vacation and all that jazz. Realistically, I just can’t blog full time like I wish I could, so I’m extremely thankful to be a 23-year-old with a full-time job in the field I actually went to school for. I went to school for public relations/marketing, btw.

2. Andrew and I moved in together. This sorta has to take second position because, well, it’s a big deal. At least it is to me. In July, after about a year and a half of dating, Andrew and I took the leap and moved in together in the apartment where I’d already been living for two years. Now we’re six months in and doing wonderfully (right babe?). If you don’t already know, Andrew is the reason this blog has become what it has – his photography skills and support are the reason for it all.

3. Revamperate grew exponentially. I worked really hard this year to turn Revamperate into a blog people would want to read. I posted my 100th post a couple months ago and began posting more and more often. With Andrew’s help and the help of a wonderful graphic designer, Revamperate grew and grew and grew. This is the first month it has run with this beautiful web design, and we’ve consistently worked to take better photos of my projects to make Revamperate into a helpful and professional looking website that readers would enjoy. I hope we’ve succeeded. This blog is my baby (although Oliver comes first), and I hope to see it continue to grow into a website that people enjoy. That’s the ultimate goal!

4. We got a cat. Back in July, Andrew and I adopted our Oliver. He’s about nine months old now and terrorizing our apartment, but we love him. Well, I do. Ha, I can’t speak for Andrew…he’s definitely a challenge. Nonetheless, I’m so happy to have given him a home to grow up in.

Those are the biggies. Wow, the year is really over…where did it all go? Looking ahead to 2015, I see more recipes but also more crafts as I try to get back to my roots. Truthfully, crafts have proven to be costly and time consuming for me lately, so I’ve found myself moving toward recipes instead, but it’s not enough. One goal I do have for myself is to bring variety back to the blog. Plus, I plan to collaborate on a home decor feature for Cut Out + Keep soon!

Now, here’s a look at my most popular posts this year with several of my favorites as well. This year turned into a recipe one for Revamperate, so it’s no surprise that they took over the list.
DIY Rope Scratching Post | Revamperate
1. DIY cat scratching post. To date, this is my most popular blog post. Big shout out to Oliver for making an awesome photo possible and for cooperating with us for once. That was probably one of three times I’ve gotten him to actually scratch the darn thing.

Homemade Butterfingers Bars | Revamperate
2. Homemade butterfingers bars. This really surprising recipe has also been one of my most viewed posts, and it blew away some of my friends and coworkers. Andrew and I were so proud of these photos too, so it’s a great feeling to see that so many people have liked them.

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting | Revamperate
3. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
This cream cheese frosting recipe was the real start of my adventure in food photography. Andrew and I have decided cupcakes are our favorite, and we’re definitely still learning, but these cupcakes started it all. Plus, they were delicious.

Espresso Frosting | Revamperate
4. Espresso frosting.
You have no idea how much I struggled to find espresso powder – making these cupcakes happen was a big accomplishment on its own, but the post and pictures became something to be proud of in the end too. This frosting was one of Andrew’s favorites, closely followed by the cookie butter frosting.

Reese's Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookies | Revamperate
5. Reese’s peanut butter thumbprint cookies. Although these were really recent, they’ve proven to be my most-tried post that I know of. Andrew’s mom and grandma both tried my recipe for Christmas, and I have to say, there’s nothing cooler than seeing other people try my recipes/projects. Nothing. I devoured these like there was no tomorrow, and they remain my absolute favorite cookies.

It’s been quite the year! I’m so thankful for it all and looking ahead to 2015 with real optimism. Happy New Year!

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