Letter Cork Board Magnet

Letter Cork Board Magnet | Revamperate Letter Cork Board Magnet | Revamperate
Happy New Year! Still kind of in shock that 2014 is over. They say that time goes by faster as you get over, and if that’s true, I’m feeling super old right now. Time never used to fly this fast. Well, now that Christmas is over (sniffles), I guess I should get back to sharing normal everyday stuff. Plus, it was a goal for me to get back to my DIY/craft roots instead of focusing so much on recipes.

So today I’m happy to share a quick, easy and cheap craft that you can easily personalize. You can make this in less than an our, so it makes a great weeknight craft when you’re feeling inspired. Now, you probably have magnets on your fridge. That’s generally what people use to hang photos and other items. So let’s change it up a bit by adding a cork board magnet to your fridge! PS – this totally works for a magnetic whiteboard too, so you can use it for more than just your fridge. Personalize it by using the first letter of your name and paint it to match your kitchen decor. It also makes a nice handmade gift!

Here’s what you need:

  • Cork board letter (or shape)
  • 4 or more heavy magnets
  • Paint
  • Glue gun
  • Push pins

You can find a letter like mine at Michaels for a couple bucks as well as all of the other supplies. If you don’t want to use a letter, try a fun shape like a conversation bubble or a heart! Paint it with a few coats of standard craft paint – I used gold because my kitchen has a lot of yellow and blue elements. If you want, use tape or other items to make designs on the letter like stripes or polka dots.Then let the paint dry completely.

Letter Cork Board Magnet | Revamperate Letter Cork Board Magnet | Revamperate
Use a glue gun to glue heavy magnets (thick enough to hold some weight) to the back of the cork board. Depending on the shape, you should try to use at least 4 in the corners of it for maximum security. Once the glue has dried, stick it to your fridge and start pinning! I like pinning items like business cards or notes to it, and I leave the pictures on the fridge with regular magnets because I don’t want to puncture them. It adds some nice variety though.

Letter Cork Board Magnet | Revamperate
Have fun with it and try new shapes and paint designs! This magnetic cork board letter would make a cute last-minute homemade gift for your friends or, obviously, for yourself. Enjoy, and have a safe and happy New Year!

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