DIY Triangle Potato Stamp Scarf

DIY Triangle Potato Stamp Scarf | Revamperate
DIY Triangle Potato Stamp Scarf | Revamperate
Do you remember stamping with potatoes as a kid? It’s a pretty classic craft that most people have some experience with. And it’s actually really fun. You can do a lot with potato stamps. Carve different shapes and stamp fabric, paper or even wood.

I used potatoes to jazz up a plain white infinity scarf with colorful triangles. To make this personalized potato stamp scarf, you only need a couple supplies, most of which are very inexpensive.

DIY Triangle Potato Stamp Scarf | Revamperate

  • White scarf (found mine for $5 at Charlotte Russe, similar here)
  • 1 potato
  • Kitchen knife
  • Craft cutting tool (similar here)
  • Fabric-safe paint
  • Cardboard (not pictured)
  • Sharpie (optional)

First, cut the potato in half. You don’t need to worry about washing it since you won’t be eating it. Carve a triangle or other shape into the inside of each potato half with the craft cutter. To make it easier, you can use a Sharpie to outline your design and cut around it. With potato stamps, you generally want to stick to a pretty easy design, such as a triangle, square, heart, etc. unless, of course, you’ve got mad carving skills. Then I’d suggest washing off the potato – this will help eliminate any leftover little pieces from your carving.

DIY Triangle Potato Stamp Scarf | Revamperate
Lay out the scarf on a table and place large pieces of cardboard underneath the fabric (between the two layers in the case of an infinity scarf). Squeeze some paint out onto a foil surface and begin stamping! Stamp the designs several inches apart and in varying colors and let dry completely.

DIY Triangle Potato Stamp Scarf | Revamperate
If you’re stamping an infinity scarf like mine, turn over the dry side and repeat the stamping on the other side. Once completely dry, remove the cardboard, and it’s ready to wear. Pair with just about anything for a pretty homemade outfit that everyone will ask you about. Potato stamp scarves also make nice gifts. Enjoy!

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