M&M Surprise Inside Cupcakes

M&M Surprise Inside Cupcakes | RevamperateM&M Surprise Inside Cupcakes | Revamperate
A big thing these days is finding creative ways to announce the sex of your baby to be, and I’ve seen some pretty impressive and creative ideas floating around Pinterest over the past year. A common way people share their big news is surprise inside cupcakes, which house colorful candy in the middle that reveal the baby’s gender (a.ka. blue or pink candy). Well, they’re not just for baby announcements, of course. Sometimes they’re fun to make just because or for birthdays or other celebrations.

As I still had a million M&Ms left in my cabinet, I thought I’d create a celebration. Who needs an occasion, right? The bonus to surprise inside cupcakes is that they’re actually incredibly easy to make.

All you need are:

After you bake a batch of cupcakes, let them cool completely. Push down into the middle of a cupcake with the corer, press the lever and pull out. It should leave a fairly large hole in your cupcake and pull out the piece of cake that once filled out. Set that piece aside.

M&M Surprise Inside Cupcakes | Revamperate M&M Surprise Inside Cupcakes | Revamperate
Fill the hole with M&Ms! All the way to the top. Then stuff that extra piece of cake on top to hide it – it’s totally okay if it doesn’t look pretty. It’s not supposed to at this point. Transfer your frosting to a piping bag with tip, and swirl frosting onto the top of the cupcakes, hiding the lumpy hallowed cavity. No one will ever know! Garish with some extra M&Ms just because and serve.

As soon as your friends and family bite into these babies, they’ll be surprised with colorful candy. Have fun!

M&M Surprise Inside Cupcakes | Revamperate M&M Surprise Inside Cupcakes | Revamperate


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