DIY Cat Toys

DIY Cat Toys | Revamperate DIY Cat Toys | Revamperate
You know Oliver, right? He runs this household…er, he thinks he does.

Our lives sort of revolve around this little guy, and I’m totes okay with that. To keep with our traditions of spoiling him rotten and making him cool things he doesn’t appreciate (AKA: his crate bed and rope scratching post), I went ahead and made him some felt DIY cat toys shaped like mice. He loves the catnip-filled ones I buy at Target, and lucky for me, he actually liked mine too. He promptly tore them apart. That’s good, right? He’s not always such a jerk. Still waiting for him to use his scratching post though…

DIY Cat Toys | Revamperate
Anyway, these toys are quick and easy, but your cat is guaranteed to love them because, well, they’re stuffed with catnip. Whip up a couple DIY cat toys with a few key supplies:

  • Felt (I used beige)
  • Needle
  • Heavy string (I used brown)
  • Scissors
  • Loose catnip
  • Marker (optional)

First, cut out a circle from the felt. You can use a marker or trace a round object if it’s easier, so your circle is about 3 inches in diameter. Then cut it in half and lay one on top of the other. Trim the edges until they’re equal and round the edges a little.

DIY Cat Toys | Revamperate
Cut three pieces of string, three inches long. Braid them together with knots at each end to make the mouse’s tail. To make it easier to braid, I taped one end to my counter, and then I trimmed the frayed ends down.

Thread your needle with string, and make an ‘X’ for the eye of the mouse on one piece of felt, knotting it on the inside, about 1/2 inch in from the corner. Repeat on the other side of you want.

Then poke through the corner of the felt and through the tail. Tie a knot to stop the string from going all the way through and then stitch around the rounded edge of the felt, stopping with enough space to insert the catnip. I inserted the catnip with a spoon and pushed it as far back as I could. Continue stitching the remaining side, knotting it at the very end and through the tail again to secure it.

DIY Cat Toys | Revamperate DIY Cat Toys | Revamperate DIY Cat Toys | Revamperate
That’s all it takes! Give these catnip-filled mice to your cat and watch them flip out. Cats with catnip are pretty darn cute to watch. Enjoy! Oliver sure did!

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