DIY Chain Bracelet

DIY Chain Bracelet | Revamperate
Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend – I had such an amazing few days at the Craftcation conference in Ventura, and I can’t wait to go back again next year. I’ve already convinced my mom to come along with me next year since she’s interested in opening her own online business for homemade baby items after she retired. Honestly, I’d recommend the conference to anyone interested in crafts both for fun and for business. It especially appeals to small business owners who sell homemade products, but it’s also a great experience for bloggers like myself. Since I have a pretty unrelated day job, I don’t meet very many people like myself who love crafting and blogging as much as I do, so it’s really refreshing to be around like minded people who actually don’t mind listening to me yap about my blog and my projects (sorry Andrew/coworkers/family!).

I recently made this cute DIY wire chain bracelet with colorful ribbon, and I have to admit, it took me a long time to get around to actually doing it. Then I did it, and thought it was so much easier than I was thinking it would be. Why did I wait so long? I have no idea. As much as I love jewelry, making it myself is somewhat intimidating, so instead of just going for it like I do with many other crafts, I tend to overthink it to the point that I don’t end up doing it. In an effort to actually finish my projects, I went through with this one and was very satisfied with the result! This DIY chain bracelet is great for beginners, and you don’t need any official jewelry making supplies to make it.

DIY Chain Bracelet | Revamperate
30 minutes


  • 1 large chain
  • 1 piece of ribbon, size based on wrist
  • 1 clasp (matching metal)
  • 2 rings (matching metal)
  • Pliers or wire cutters

First thing’s first – wrap the chain around your wrist twice and note where it measures. Before you cut anything, unwrap the chain and fold the chain in half to the measurement of your wrist. Deduct about 1/2 inch (for the clasp) and wrap the folded chain around your wrist again to ensure the size. Cut with wire cutters or other heavy cutting tool. Doing it this way means you should only be cutting one end and when folded in half, it should still measure tightly around your wrist with enough room for the clasp. If you don’t leave space for the clasp, it will be too big for you. I tend to have this problem with most things because I have tiny wrists!

Based on the size of your newly cut chain, measure double the amount of ribbon. Remember, it’s always better to overmeasure than undermeasure! Starting at one end, tie the ribbon in a solid knot and thread the ribbon through the first opening in the chain. There’s not need to keep the chain folded right now. Thread it over and through the next one and repeat the under-over threading method until you reach the end of the chain, tying a knot when you reach the end. If it’s easier for you, you can tie the two ends together to prevent it from moving as you will want the sides to be even when you attach the rings.

Because this chain bracelet is doubled over, you need to fold it in half to achieve the desired result. At the folded end (no knots and ensuring it’s even on both sides), attach a ring and then attach the clasp to the ring as well. This should give you a clasp attached to the middle of the chain. Then add a ring to the ends of the chain. Both open ends that have knots should fit into the one ring.

DIY Chain Bracelet | Revamperate
DIY Chain Bracelet | Revamperate
Note, attaching rings around a large chain link bracelet like this is difficult. I used a thin cutting tool to maneuver it open and it took Andrew’s help for me to open it successfully. Depending on your materials, you may be able to do it with your hands, but you can absolutely use something to pry the rings open as long as you’re careful not to cut yourself with anything sharp. Better yet, ask something to help! An extra set of hands goes a long way with prying open jewelry clasps!

With that, you’re done! It’s actually a very easy project. The toughest part is fitting the ring clasps around the large chain link, but once that’s done, you can clasp the bracelet around your wrist and rest assured that your new double chain bracelet looks amazing. Go impress your friends with your new homemade jewelry. Enjoy!

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