Homemade Circus Animal Cookies

Homemade Circus Animal Cookies | Revamperate Homemade Circus Animal Cookies | Revamperate
We’ve got some celebrating to do! You know why? Tomorrow is National Animal Cracker Day! Plus it’s the weekend. That’s also a pretty big reason to celebrate.

Maybe that’s not your standard holiday, but it’s still worth celebrating, especially when you have these homemade circus animal cookies. You know the ones – Mother’s Circus Animals. This recipe may not be 100% homemade, but they seriously taste like Mother’s Cookies. I’m stunned actually. I’m going to eat the entire batch in one sitting, but that’s OK because they were really easy to make!


  • Generic animal crackers (about 30 of them)
  • Bag of white chocolate chips
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • Pink food coloring
  • Rainbow nonpareils sprinkles

I used Target-branded animal crackers, and I think it’s important that you use animal crackers, not cookies, to achieve the right taste. Even the sprinkles are super important to really make them taste like circus animal cookies.Homemade Circus Animal Cookies | Revamperate
This is probably the easiest recipe tutorial ever, so let’s do this!

First, microwave the white chocolate on a defrost setting for about 45 seconds, stir and replace. Continue this routine in 20 second intervals until the white chocolate is completely melted. Stir in the vegetable oil to thin out the chocolate and use a fork (or a dipping tool like this one) to dip the animal crackers.

Personally, I find dipping things in chocolate very difficult, but these are really easy because they’re flat. I placed the animal crackers in the chocolate facedown and used the fork or dipping tool to flip it over and pick it up. Then carefully tap the fork against the side of the bowl to let excess chocolate drip off and place the dipped crackers on a cooling rack or sheet of wax paper to dry.

I tried both ways and preferred the wax paper in the end. It keeps the back solid, whereas the cooling rack leaves lines, but the chocolate has a tendency to spread when on the wax paper, changing the shape a bit so you just need to be carefully when laying out the chocolate covered crackers.

Homemade Circus Animal Cookies | Revamperate Homemade Circus Animal Cookies | Revamperate
While the chocolate is still fresh and melted, add the small rainbow sprinkles on top and let the cookies dry completely. I started with the white cookies before making the pink chocolate. Honestly, I just wanted to do less dishes…but it worked out. After dipping half of the crackers, mix a few drops of pink food coloring into the white chocolate until you achieve a dark pink color. Then dip and sprinkle the rest of the cookies and let them sit out to harden.

Now take a bite and tell me they don’t taste like Mother’s circus animal cookies! BRB, eating them all. Have a happy weekend!

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