Father’s Day DIY Tie Gift Tags

Father's Day DIY Tie Gift Tag | Revamperate Father's Day DIY Tie Gift Tag | Revamperate
OK, I know not all dads wear ties. I think the only time my dad has ever worn a tie in my lifetime was at my sister’s wedding. He didn’t even wear a tie at HIS OWN wedding. Nope, he got married in a Hawaiian shirt. Seriously. Hawaiian shirts are as dressy as he gets, so I guess I really should make Hawaiian shirt gift tags…but that’s not the norm and I want to share something with you guys that you’re more likely to use for your own dads, grandpas, etc. Oh, and I couldn’t find any cute Hawaiian shirt print-like paper. Hence, we’re making tie gift tags today! They’re easy, they’re cute and they work with any type of gift. 

Anyway, I thought this was pretty adorbs. That’s what any dad would say…right? Ties are a pretty distinct shape, and my best advice for you if you’re not positive about free-handing it is to think of it as a diamond connected to a triangle at the bottom. I hope that makes sense? 


  • Thick, patterned cardstock (solid is fine too) 
  • Alphabet stamps or stickers, small 
  • Scissors 
  • Tape

First, fold a piece of cardstock in half. Draw out your tie shape as one piece with the top of the knot being the fold. The full length of my tie was about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. I would suggest basing your size off of the size of the package you want to attach the tag to. Like I mentioned above, consider thinking about it like a diamond connected to a triangle. Do you see it? Carefully cut out the shape with your scissors. 

Father's Day DIY Tie Gift Tag | Revamperate
Use your stamp set or stickers to write something like “Happy Father’s Day” or “Hey Dad” on the tag. Decorate it however you want. Also, write any other message you want on the inside (white or solid side) of the tie gift tag. Use double-sided sticky tape or fold over pieces of tape to stick down the tag at the top of your package, so that the knot and the fold are at the top. 

Father's Day DIY Tie Gift Tag | Revamperate
Now it looks like your package is wearing a tie. I bet your dad will love the touch of homemade to whatever gift you picked out! Enjoy!

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