DIY Ombre String Wrapped Frame

DIY Ombre String Wrapped Frame | Revamperate DIY Ombre String Wrapped Frame | Revamperate
If I had the space, my walls would be filled with photos. I love photos and the moments they represent, which is why I love scrapbooking, and I take every opportunity to enjoy a good photo op. Unfortunately, we don’t have too much wall space in our little apartment and I don’t have shelving to display them, so I have to use our space pretty sparingly, but I did find a nice spot for this week’s DIY in my hallway. 

You’re probably familiar with “IKEA hacks,” right? IKEA hacks are usually done on a larger scale with awesome furniture makeovers (something I also don’t have room for), but I made my own mini IKEA hack this week with this DIY purple ombre string wrapped frame. This DIY is very easy but may take awhile, so get comfortable with a good movie, and wrap away! It’ll be done in no time, I promise. 

Time: 1 hour


  • Basic flat wood picture frame (I found mine at IKEA!)
  • 4-5 colors of embroidery floss (2 pieces of each)
  • ModPodge 
  • Small paint brush

First, take out the glass and backing of the frame. Cut long pieces of embroidery floss (about 2-3 feet) and set aside. Paint a thin layer of ModPodge on a small section of the frame, and starting at one end, wrap the darkest string tightly around the frame so that it sticks to the glue and the strands are close together. When you reach the end of the string, stop wrapping when it’s at the back of the frame so that you can hide the end by sticking it to the glue and cutting any pieces that are sticking out. 

DIY Ombre String Wrapped Frame | Revamperate DIY Ombre String Wrapped Frame | Revamperate
Continue gluing and wrapping your colors in an ombre pattern all the way around the frame. When you reach the corners, continue wrapping carefully at an angle, and you’ll see the string build up at the inside corner but try to keep the strings straight. When you reach the end, use the ModPodge to make any touchups and cut any loose ends. 

Place your favorite photo back in the frame and display! Mine sits on a bookshelf in our hallway, and it has a cute photo of me and my Niece at Easter. She’s the cutest little thing, isn’t she?! Anyway, have fun making this frame and happy crafting! 

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