DIY Basics How to Make a Terrarium

How to Make a Terrarium | Revamperate How to Make a Terrarium | Revamperate
I hope you all had a nice weekend! I had so much fun at Renegade yesterday, and if we’re being honest, my favorite part was the Jeni’s ice cream food truck…still daydreaming about it. And we’re getting back to basics today! If you know me, you’re probably already thinking “Really? You expect me to take plant advice from YOU?” That’s a fair point. I suck at keeping plants alive (normally) but succulents are different. They are persistent!  So today I’m sharing the basics about succulents and how to make a terrarium. 

Succulents are the perfect way to add green to your home for several reasons:

  • They’re drought resistant (and we really need that in California right now)
  • They come in so many different types! 
  • They’re easy to manage because you only need to water them once a week
  • You can customize a terrarium so many ways

Next, let’s chat supplies. Because you can customize a terrarium any way you want, you can make a terrarium out of just about any container. The important thing to remember is that your container need to fit your plants because, of course, plants grow. 


  • Container (usually glass or ceramic) 
  • Small potted succulents 
  • Cactus soil
  • Sand
  • Small rocks 

How to Make a Terrarium | Revamperate How to Make a Terrarium | Revamperate
Steps to make a terrarium:

  1. Add a small layer of rocks to the bottom of the container. This is important for draining the water so it doesn’t overwhelm the plan in the soil. Rocks come in many different sizes and colors, so pick something that matches your style as well as the container you’re using.
  2. Pour in a layer of sand. Again, you can use colored sand or your usual beach sand or black sand. 
  3. Cover with soil. Generously top off the sand with soil specific to dessert plants. The right soil is very important, and you want to have enough soil for the roots of your plants, especially considering baby plants will grow. 
  4. Plan the succulents. Unpot your succulents and dig them into your soil. 
  5. Garnish with rocks and other items. Once your succulents are planted, top the soil with rocks, additional sand or small items like plastic pieces that fit your style. 

You can make terrariums in so many different kinds of containers and display them in so many ways, which is why I enjoy them so much. Put them on a shelf, a table or hang them on the wall. Water them about once a week (that’s really all they need) and keep them in a place where sunlight reaches them. 

Now, get out there and make a million terrariums! 

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