5 Minute DIY Gold Leaf Sunglasses

DIY Gold Leaf Sunglasses | Revamperate DIY Gold Leaf Sunglasses | Revamperate
Happy Friday! Let’s talk about sunnies! What’s more important this time of year than a cute pair of sunglasses?

I actually scored these sunnies at a rummage sale at the Studio DIY studio a few months back, which was awesome BTW. Seeing my favorite bloggers in real life seriously feels like seeing celebrities…These have been sitting on my dresser for quite a while and I figured it was about time that I do something to them. I had so many ideas, but I ended up utilizing an unopened bottle of liquid gold leaf that I’d been saving for the right project. Thus, I whipped up these DIY gold leaf sunglasses! 

DIY Gold Leaf Sunglasses | Revamperate
Time: 5 minutes


  • A pair of sunglasses with thick top (such as classic Ray Bans or similar) 
  • Liquid gold leaf 
  • Small paint brush 

DIY Gold Leaf Sunglasses | Revamperate DIY Gold Leaf Sunglasses | Revamperate
First, make sure the glasses are clean and then slowly paint on the gold leaf. It’s best to apply long strokes in the same direction until you’ve completely covered the area you want. In my case, that was the top of the sunglasses, which was plastic. 

If the gold doesn’t come through thick enough, let the glasses dry for close to an hour and paint a second coat (I needed a second coat). Then allow them to dry completely before wearing them out! And there you have it – only five minutes for a cute pair of bright gold leaf glasses! Enjoy!

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