Roundup | 7 Uses for your Leftover Cranberry Sauce

7 Uses for your Leftover Cranberry Sauce | RevamperateTaking a step back from blogging this week to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! Andrew and I are spending the day with his grandparents and cousins, and I plan on making the best apple pie you’ve ever had (ha!) with tons of cinnamon and nutmeg. I’m taking a few days off to relax, something that seems much needed lately, and I’ll be back on Friday with a new post. 

The one thing on the Thanksgiving table that can often get overlooked is the famous cranberry sauce, so in honor of the forgotten dish, I put together a few recipes to give you seven uses for your leftover cranberry sauce! As someone who doesn’t normally love cranberry sauce, I can tell you everything tastes better in a baked good, so hopefully one of these recipes speaks to you. 

cranberry baked brie puff pastry bites //  cranberry swirl bread // cranberry frozen yogurt // cranberry sauce cream cheese streusel muffins // cranberry salad vinaigrette // cranberry yogurt coffee cake // cranberry sauce, bacon and Gorgonzola pastry puff pizza 

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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