DIY | How to Sew a Travel Makeup Brush Roll

How to Sew a DIY Makeup Brush Roll | Revamperate How to Sew a DIY Makeup Brush Roll | RevamperateI think (hope) I’m getting a lot better at this sewing thing. I’ve been finding opportunities to practice and now that we have a lot more space in our spare room for sewing, I hope it will be easier for me to stay on top of my projects. 

For Christmas a couple years ago, my aunt gifted me a great MAC makeup brush set that came in a cute zipper pouch. I’ve used and abused it over the last couple years, and even though several of my brushes have lasted incredibly well, it was time for the zipper pouch to retire. So I decided to put all my sewing practice to good use and share how to sew a makeup brush roll, so it easily rolls up and ties together to fit inside of your bag when your travel or just to sit in your drawer. 

This tutorial doesn’t require very much fabric or very high sewing skills. It was fun to create something that I actually found useful, and it’s fun to customize the fabric. Because it’s for brushes and brushes do get dirty, you will need a fabric that is machine washable and durable. You may also want to consider a fabric that is a little darker that will not show as much of the makeup residue. I promise you can make this in about 30 minutes, and you’ll be surprised how easily it all comes together. I chose two different fabrics – one patterned, one solid. My pattern is very busy, so I thought it would be a lot easier to see the various pieces if I balanced it out with a solid black fabric. I also made the strap out of the solid black fabric, but you could even use a thick ribbon and just follow the same steps for securing it to the fabric.

How to Sew a DIY Makeup Brush Roll | Revamperate How to Sew a DIY Makeup Brush Roll | RevamperateTime: 30 minutes


  • 1/2 yard patterned cotton fabric
  • 1/2 yard solid cotton fabric
  • Coordinating thread 
  • Fabric marker or chalk
  • Scissors and/or rotary cutter

Fold the patterned fabric in half. Cut a 9″ x 13″ piece to become the “ammo belt.” Then fold the solid fabric in half and cut one 10″ x 14″ piece to become the brush pockets (10″ x 14″ when unfolded). Make sure the 10″ side is along the fold. Cut the strap by cutting one 4″ x 10″ piece along the fold, resulting in one extra long piece. Iron all pieces flat. 

Here’s what you should have now:

  • Two 9″ x 13″ pieces (ammo belt, patterned)
  • One 9″ x 13″ piece (brush pocket, solid color)
  • One 4″ x 20″ piece (belt strap, solid color)

Take the 9″ x 12″ sold brush pocket piece and fold in half along the longer side with the wrong sides together. This folded edge will be the top of the brush pocket. Align the sides and bottom with the edge of the 9″ x 14″ piece and pin into place. With a fabric marker or chalk, make a mark every inch across the brush pockets to indicate where to sew each pocket. 

How to Sew a DIY Makeup Brush Roll | Revamperate Because brushes come in different sizes, adjust based on the size of your brushes. I have some brushes that are larger than the others, so when I got several inches to the end, I increased the pocket size to 2 inches. 

Starting at the bottom of the brush pocket sew up the edge and backstich at the top of the pocket. Repeat at each marked spot all the way across the brush pocket. Trim extra strings and set aside.

How to Sew a DIY Makeup Brush Roll | RevamperateTo make the strap, take the 4″ x 10″ piece and fold the long side one inch inward, wrong sides together. Repeat with the other side so that both long edges are folded to meet in the middle. Iron the creases. Then fold together along the long side one more time, edges together and iron down. Starting at the end of the strap, sew a very thin seam around the edge, backstitching at each end. 

Take the second 9″ x 14″ piece (back of ammo belt) and lay right-side up. Position the middle of the completed belt strap in the middle of the fabric and pin in place. Sew the strap in place across the fabric about 3 inches from each edge. This is to allow for seams so that the belt does not get stuck both sides of the ammo belt are sewn together and to allow the ties to work even the brush pack is rolled tightly.

How to Sew a DIY Makeup Brush Roll | Revamperate How to Sew a DIY Makeup Brush Roll | RevamperatePlace both pieces of the ammo belt right-sides together and pin around the edges, making sure the loose straps are tucked safely inside. Sew a thin seam around the edge of the fabric, leaving a 3-inch hole on the side and backstitching at each end. Turn the fabric right-side out through the opening and stitch up the opening with a very thin seam or with an invisible stitch. Iron the entire pieces again if you desire (I recommend this to press the seams).

How to Sew a DIY Makeup Brush Roll | Revamperate How to Sew a DIY Makeup Brush Roll | Revamperate Now you have a completed makeup brush roll! Best of all, it’s completely washable, so when it gets covered in makeup (which it inevitably will) just pop it in the wash with a good detergent. For best results, I do not recommend drying, unless you choose to pre shrink your fabric. I don’t trust the dryer with my homemade items, but that’s just me. Happy sewing!


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