5 Minute DIY Spray Painted Planter

DIY Spray Painted Succulent Planter | Revamperate DIY Spray Painted Succulent Planter | RevamperateIf you’ve read the blog before, you know the plants and I don’t normally get along, but I have managed to keep my succulents alive for quite a while now, which has a lot to do with keeping them away from the cats. I learned early on that Oliver liked succulents a little too much, and they were quickly torn apart if left on a low table. Even the ones on my windowsill are not entirely safe from the cats (nothing is safe!), but they’ve been doing pretty well regardless.

A couple months ago, I shared the basics for how to make a terrarium. After I made that post, I thought I’d take a second to share the 5 minutes it took to make my spray painted planter with the teal bottom. First of all, that funky little square vase cost me $3 at Michaels and I already had leftover Montana Cans spray paint from my triangle painted vase project. Win, win. I love cheap projects!  

DIY Spray Painted Succulent Planter | RevamperateTime: 5 minutes 


  • Clear shallow vase 
  • Bright color spray paint 
  • Trash bag or newspaper
  • Masking tape

I taped down a cut up trash bag as my base for spray painting. My neighbors must hate me for spray painting in the complex…especially when I leave marks on the pavement outside my door…There may or may not be some yellow and teal paint on the ground outside my door still. Oops…I swear it does wash away after a while though. But learn from my mistakes – always put down an extra large base when painting even small items. Spray paint travels more than you think it does! 

Wash the vase and remove any stickers. Place face down in the middle of the base and lightly spray the bottom of the glass. For something as shallow at this vase, I had to be careful not to spray too much, otherwise it wouldn’t give me the look I wanted. Since I was going for color that only sprayed about halfway up, I kept the spray paint can up high and did not spray the sides at all. Instead, I sprayed the bottom of the vase and let the paint splatter travel up the sides on its own. 

Let dry and come back later to make any necessary touch-ups. Then fill it up! 

Add your rocks, sand, soil and plants and top it off with additional rocks or other materials to finish it, and now you’ll have a cute terrarium with a bright painted bottom! Display in your home or give it away for a thoughtful gift. Mine has a perfect spot in my office, and the color matches perfectly with the brackets of our new shelves. Happy crafting! 

DIY Conversation Heart Chocolate Boxes for Valentine’s Day

DIY Conversation Heart Chocolate Boxes | Revamperate DIY Conversation Heart Chocolate Boxes | RevamperateGuys, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! I swear time flies by faster and faster every year. Lucky for my boyfriend, I’m not obsessive over Valentine’s Day, but he and I agreed to celebrate our anniversary and Valentine’s Day as one happy holiday since we met the day after Valentine’s Day. Last year we went to Disneyland and I’m (fingers crossed!) hoping we can make it an annual thing. Life’s a bit tougher on our schedules these days, so I’ll just be happy to just have some dinner at home together (with some wine!) for a night without work or school. 

Anyway, today’s project is an easy one and one of my favs. Dress up a box of chocolates in minutes by making it look like everyone’s favorite Valentine’s Day candy – conversation hearts! These cute conversation heart chocolate boxes are as simple as cutting paper and picking out some stickers, but they’re really fun and make cute gifts. Plus, if your boxes are like mine, you can remove the plastic when you’ve eaten the chocolate and still use the boxes for little candies or wrapped chocolates!

DIY Conversation Heart Chocolate Boxes | RevamperateSupplies:

Trace the top of the box onto the backside of colored cardstock. Cut around the marks as carefully as you can, leaving about 1/4 inch extra so that the paper does not lie right on the edge of the box. Use the stickers to spell out your favorite conversation heart sayings onto the frontside of the cardstock. Then glue the backside of the cardstock (with pencil markings) onto the top of the chocolate box and let dry. 

Then, if you want to add strips of paper on the sides of the box top, lay the side of the box against the edge of the paper to measure the size and cut a long strip the length of the paper. Starting at the middle curve of the heart, glue the paper down and around the box, clipping any extra paper. Let dry and replace the box tops.  

DIY Conversation Heart Chocolate Boxes | Revamperate DIY Conversation Heart Chocolate Boxes | RevamperateThey make fun gifts for anyone, really. Naturally, I gave “BAE MINE” to Andrew 🙂 The others I gave to my coworkers. Happy crafting!

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub | Revamperate DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub | RevamperateHow is December going by so quickly?! I can barely keep up. In fact, this entire year has gone by incredibly fast. I’m already preparing New Years ideas and am freaking out that it’s almost 2016 and it’s already almost Christmas. I have so much more I want to do and not enough time to do it all!

Dear Christmas, please stay forever. Don’t get me wrong – I want nothing to do with any kind of shopping center until mid-January, but I still love Christmas. The lights, the flavors, the gifts, the sales, the weather. Even though working in retail took away some of my Christmas spirit, I’ll never stop feeling like a kid during Christmastime. 

One of those amazing Christmas flavors I mentioned is peppermint, so I’m soaking up all the peppermint while I still can! This homemade peppermint sugar scrub is so easy to make, and it’s a really nice Christmas-themed gift that’s not too expensive. Make a big batch, divide it among little containers (hello, Dollar Store!) and finish with a label, and you have really cute gifts for anyone who likes smooth hands…which I’m sure is anyone. Bonus: it’s really easy to make with only a few ingredients.

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub | Revamperate DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub | RevamperateTime: 5 minutes  


  • 1/3 cup coconut oil, melted
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 4-5 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 1-2 drops red or pink food coloring (optional)

Melt the coconut oil in the microwave for several seconds and pour into a bowl. Mix in the sugar, essential oil and food coloring with a fork or spoon until all of the ingredients are evenly distributed. Move to a container with a lid and dress it up with a tag and some ribbon or a sticker label. 

**Note that using too much food coloring can result in colorful hands when using the scrub.

The ingredients may separate a little after sitting for a while, so mix a little before using for best results. 

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub | Revamperate

DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags

DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags | Revamperate DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags | RevamperateI’m sorry to say I’m not a big fan of loose leaf tea – it always finds a way to escape my strainer, so I was really happy when I found a quick hack for making my own tea bags. Coffee filters! We use them for coffee, so why not tea, right? Coffee filter tea bags are my new favorite thing and I plan on making some as gifts this Christmas. With a cute homemade tag and jar, I think they’ll make sweet gifts for tea lovers, and this way I can give someone multiple kinds of teas to try out. 

I tried making tea bags a few different ways with coffee filters. First, I tried sewing them with my sewing machine, which worked pretty well, but I’m certainly not an advanced sewer, so they didn’t look as pretty as I would have liked. Then it dawned on me that store-bought tea bags don’t look sewn. Rather, they’re folded. So I did some Frankenstein work and studied a couple different tea bags to see how they were made, and it turns out that all it took was some quick folds to make a tea bag. Piece of cake. Really, the only part that is slightly difficult is attaching the string, but that’s only because you have to poke a needle through several layers of coffee filter and it’ll wear out your fingers a little, but I’m happy to report that these are easy to make and don’t require any special skills or supplies. 

OK, now let’s make some tea bags…

DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags | Revamperate DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags | RevamperateTime: 5 minutes (per tea bag)


  • Coffee filters (1 per tea bag)
  • Loose leaf tea
  • Scissors
  • String (something heavier than thread, such as embroidery floss)
  • Needle 

DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags | RevamperateFirst, fold the coffee filter in half. On the rounded side, fold over about a 1/2 inch (This step isn’t necessary, but it keeps your tea bags smaller. If you don’t make this fold, you will have wider tea bags). Then fold it again over to the other straight side of the coffee filter. Now you should have one long piece, about 1 1/2 inches wide. 

DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags | RevamperateFold in half along the short side. Then fold it again about 1/4 inch about the existing fold and do the same on the other side, leaving you with three folds about a quarter inch apart. The middle fold should fold up and the other two fold down, creating a bottom for the tea bag to stand upright. 

DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags | RevamperateUse you scissors to cut off the top curve, leaving it straight instead. When you hold it open now, there should be two opening for your tea. Insert small spoonfuls of tea (about 1/2 teaspoon on each side). 

DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags | RevamperateThen fold in the top corners as triangles (kind of like when wrapping a gift), and fold over the top point. At this point, it should look like a tea bag!

Thread your needle with string, and poke through the top where you folded over the point. Leave about an inch of string and then poke the needle through the opposite side, creating a loop around the top. Repeat and then tie a small knot. Let out about 4-5 inches of string and cut. Also cut any remaining string from the knot. Ta-da!

DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags | Revamperate DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags | RevamperateIf you really want to have fun with it, make small labels with the tea names! I just made these little circle-shaped tags for my tea and secured them to the end of the string with a staple. After all, that’s exactly what they do with some store-bough tea bags. Add your completed tea bags to a cute box or jar, and they’ll make a sweet homemade gift or stick them in your cabinet to enjoy for yourself. Happy crafting! 

DIY Homemade Mango Sugar Scrub

DIY Mango Sugar Scrub | Revamperate DIY Mango Sugar Scrub | Revamperate
Now that summer is basically over (*wheeps*), it’s time to use the last summer fruit I’ll find for another year. I’ve never actually made anything with mango before, and I had NO idea how freaking hard it is to cut a mango. Do you know what the core of a mango looks like? It’s a crazy little fruit. 

Anyway, I made Andrew go hunt down a mango for me so that I could make this really luscious and easy homemade mango sugar scrub. It’s kind of an odd texture because it remains very liquid, but it makes your skin feel wonderful. Plus, it smells wonderful. With only a few ingredients, it makes for a really nice gift or just a treat for yourself. I found this cute jar with a copper top and made a little tag for it, and it really dressed up an otherwise un-pretty colored mixture. Don’t be fooled by the color! You’ll love it.

DIY Mango Sugar Scrub | Revamperate DIY Mango Sugar Scrub | Revamperate
Time: 10 minutes


  • 1 mango, peeled
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil, melted 
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 cup granulated sugar

First, peel and cut the mango and add to your food processor. Pulse for several seconds to mash up the mango, and add the melted coconut oil, olive oil, honey and sugars. Pulse for several seconds until all ingredients are combined well. 

Move the sugar scrub to a sealable container, like a canning jar or an old lotion jar and it’s ready to use! Add some ribbon or a homemade tag, and it makes a really nice gift or just looks pretty on your shelf. If the mixture separates, just mix it up again with a spoon and you’re good to go!

DIY Mango Sugar Scrub | Revamperate DIY Mango Sugar Scrub | Revamperate

DIY Clay Cactus Ring Holder

DIY Cactus Ring Holder | Revamperate DIY Cactus Ring Holder | Revamperate
All aboard the cactus train! Somehow cacti are all the rage right now, and I’m not really sure how that happened but I’m happy to get on board and start sharing some fun cactus DIYs with you guys. First though, since we’re already on the subject, have you ever had cactus water?! I tried some when I was at Renegade LA and woah, it was surprisingly good. If you ever come across some cactus water, you should totally try it. When I had it, it was pink and tasted a tiny bit fruity, and it was nice and refreshing on a hot day.

So for today’s DIY, I made a clay cactus ring holder for you to store several of your rings! I’m really enjoying working with clay more often, and I’ve gotten a lot better at working with it. An important thing about clay that I learned, specifically polymer clay, is that you need to keep it sealed when you’re not using it because it will dry out. I had that problem the last time I tried to make something, and my clay kept crumbling because it was too dry. Moral of the story: always keep your clay sealed for safe keeping. 

DIY Cactus Ring Holder | Revamperate
Time: 20 minutes + baking time


  • Polymer clay, white  
  • Green paint (2 shades recommended)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Clear acrylic spay paint, glossy 

First, separate a piece of clay that, when balled, mine was about 3 inches wide. Divide the piece in half and set one aside. With one piece, mold the clay into a cone that is about 2 inches tall, and the wider bottom is about 1 inch wide. Set aside and begin molding 2/3 of the second piece of clay into an arm of the cactus, curving up slightly and rounding at the end. Use the remaining piece of clay to make the other, smaller arm. Carefully attach the arms to each side of the original cone by pressing and shaping the end of the arm into the the cone. Take your time and smooth our your edges as much as you can. 

Set the clay on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and bake according to your clay’s directions, generally 275 degrees for about 10 minutes until the clay is firm. Remove and let the clay cool completely before painting. 

DIY Cactus Ring Holder | Revamperate DIY Cactus Ring Holder | Revamperate
Paint the entire cactus with your darker colored green paint. Once dry, paint a second coat if necessary. Then use the lighter green and a very thin paintbrush to paint tiny spikes around the cactus. Let the paint dry completely and finish it off by spaying the clay with clear glossy spray paint to give it a shiny that makes it appear more like ceramic.

Once the final coat is dry, display your new cactus ring holder anywhere and hang your rings off the side arms or place on the cone. Enjoy! 

DIY Espresso Sugar Scrub

Espresso Sugar Scrub | Revamperate Espresso Sugar Scrub | Revamperate
I’m not a big coffee drinker, although I’ve warmed up to it since I started working full time. Some days it feels like a necessity, and in moderation, coffee can be good for you. I’ve always heard that coffee and caffeine are great for your skin as well, so I did a little research. Coffee grounds or espresso powder have exfoliating properties that make them great for your skin! Using a skin scrub with espresso or coffee grounds can help scrub away dead skin without chemicals and improve your circulation. 

Although it’s not a permanent solution, a good espresso sugar scrub can reduce the appearance of cellulite temporarily, so it’s a great product to rub on your legs and bottom before a trip to the beach. Bonus: it smells amazing! 

Espresso Sugar Scrub | Revamperate Espresso Sugar Scrub | Revamperate
Time: 5 minutes 


  • 1/4 cup espresso powder (or ground coffee)
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 tbs nutmeg
  • 1/2 tbs cinnamon

Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl, and mix in the olive oil with a fork until it’s well-mixed. Then move the mixture to a sealable container and decorate if you want. Mine actually didn’t separate like I thought it would, but some sugar scrubs separate a little and you just need to mix it up a little before applying to your skin.  

Espresso Sugar Scrub | Revamperate Espresso Sugar Scrub | Revamperate
Rub the sugar scrub on problem areas with special attention to extra dry areas like elbows and feet. Once you’ve massaged it into your skin, brush off the excess sugar onto newspaper or into a trashcan if you can to avoid all of the sugar running down your drain. Depending on how much of the scrub you use (you only need a little at a time), a little down your drain won’t matter. 

Now you’ll have pretty exfoliated skin! Put the espresso sugar scrub into a cute container with a homemade label, and it’ll make a perfect gift, or keep it for yourself and still make yourself a fancy label. You’ll never know it was homemade, and best of all, chemical free. Enjoy!

DIY Ombre String Wrapped Frame

DIY Ombre String Wrapped Frame | Revamperate DIY Ombre String Wrapped Frame | Revamperate
If I had the space, my walls would be filled with photos. I love photos and the moments they represent, which is why I love scrapbooking, and I take every opportunity to enjoy a good photo op. Unfortunately, we don’t have too much wall space in our little apartment and I don’t have shelving to display them, so I have to use our space pretty sparingly, but I did find a nice spot for this week’s DIY in my hallway. 

You’re probably familiar with “IKEA hacks,” right? IKEA hacks are usually done on a larger scale with awesome furniture makeovers (something I also don’t have room for), but I made my own mini IKEA hack this week with this DIY purple ombre string wrapped frame. This DIY is very easy but may take awhile, so get comfortable with a good movie, and wrap away! It’ll be done in no time, I promise. 

Time: 1 hour


  • Basic flat wood picture frame (I found mine at IKEA!)
  • 4-5 colors of embroidery floss (2 pieces of each)
  • ModPodge 
  • Small paint brush

First, take out the glass and backing of the frame. Cut long pieces of embroidery floss (about 2-3 feet) and set aside. Paint a thin layer of ModPodge on a small section of the frame, and starting at one end, wrap the darkest string tightly around the frame so that it sticks to the glue and the strands are close together. When you reach the end of the string, stop wrapping when it’s at the back of the frame so that you can hide the end by sticking it to the glue and cutting any pieces that are sticking out. 

DIY Ombre String Wrapped Frame | Revamperate DIY Ombre String Wrapped Frame | Revamperate
Continue gluing and wrapping your colors in an ombre pattern all the way around the frame. When you reach the corners, continue wrapping carefully at an angle, and you’ll see the string build up at the inside corner but try to keep the strings straight. When you reach the end, use the ModPodge to make any touchups and cut any loose ends. 

Place your favorite photo back in the frame and display! Mine sits on a bookshelf in our hallway, and it has a cute photo of me and my Niece at Easter. She’s the cutest little thing, isn’t she?! Anyway, have fun making this frame and happy crafting! 

DIY Seashell Candles

DIY Seashell Candles | Revamperate DIY Seashell Candles | Revamperate
For as long as I can remember, my aunt has had a beach-themed home. We always buy her beachy decor for any holiday. It’s our go-to gift item for her. Even her Christmas tree is beach themed, and it’s adorable. You can totally get away with that when you actually live near the beach I guess. She’s probably getting pretty sick of our gifts, but I have at least one more beachy gift that I hope she’ll like (her birthday is coming up). Homemade seashell candles!

OK, you might have seen a DIY like this on Pinterest once upon a time. I think I have too, but the most exciting part about this project is that you can make them with leftover candles you have lying around the house. I don’t burn candles much at home, so I reused this green apple one I’d only burned a few times.

Time: 15 minutes 


  • Seashells (larger is easier)
  • Wicks (votive or tea light sized)
  • Leftover candle(s)
  • Saucepan
  • Clothespins

If you gathered the seashells on your own, make sure to wash them first before turning them into candles. Place the candle into an empty saucepan on the stove and begin to melt the wax on low-medium heat. Of course, your candle holder should be glass or metal. Always be careful when melting wax, and wear oven mits to move the container as needed. It will take a few minutes to melt, and you will see the wick eventually float away – that’s how you know it’s almost completely melted.

Lay down the shells on a flat surface and place the wick inside. Clip the wick in place with a clothespin, allowing it to sit on top of the shell. From here, you can trim the wick if you want, or you can wait until the candle is fully hardened in its new container.

DIY Seashell Candles | RevamperateDIY Seashell Candles | Revamperate
With a potholder of some kind, remove the now melted candle from the stove top and very carefully pour the wax into your seashells. You will probably spill a little bit because it’s such a narrow area, so make sure you’re doing this on a surface that can be easily cleaned. If your wax splashes the sides of the shell, you can use a paper towel to clean it up before it dries. If you’re using a larger, more wobbly candle, don’t fill it too full – this will prevent a burning candle from spilling if moved. Allow the candles to sit undisturbed for a few minutes before removing the clothespin, trimming the wick and burning them or gifting them.

Seashell candles make sweet gifts for beach lovers, and they’re cute to have on display in your home. You can make them in any scent/color and in a variety of sizes, but the larger ones work best. Just remember to burn these in a safe place because they do have a rounded bottom and can wobble a little. Happy crafting!

Father’s Day DIY Tie Gift Tags

Father's Day DIY Tie Gift Tag | Revamperate Father's Day DIY Tie Gift Tag | Revamperate
OK, I know not all dads wear ties. I think the only time my dad has ever worn a tie in my lifetime was at my sister’s wedding. He didn’t even wear a tie at HIS OWN wedding. Nope, he got married in a Hawaiian shirt. Seriously. Hawaiian shirts are as dressy as he gets, so I guess I really should make Hawaiian shirt gift tags…but that’s not the norm and I want to share something with you guys that you’re more likely to use for your own dads, grandpas, etc. Oh, and I couldn’t find any cute Hawaiian shirt print-like paper. Hence, we’re making tie gift tags today! They’re easy, they’re cute and they work with any type of gift. 

Anyway, I thought this was pretty adorbs. That’s what any dad would say…right? Ties are a pretty distinct shape, and my best advice for you if you’re not positive about free-handing it is to think of it as a diamond connected to a triangle at the bottom. I hope that makes sense? 


  • Thick, patterned cardstock (solid is fine too) 
  • Alphabet stamps or stickers, small 
  • Scissors 
  • Tape

First, fold a piece of cardstock in half. Draw out your tie shape as one piece with the top of the knot being the fold. The full length of my tie was about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. I would suggest basing your size off of the size of the package you want to attach the tag to. Like I mentioned above, consider thinking about it like a diamond connected to a triangle. Do you see it? Carefully cut out the shape with your scissors. 

Father's Day DIY Tie Gift Tag | Revamperate
Use your stamp set or stickers to write something like “Happy Father’s Day” or “Hey Dad” on the tag. Decorate it however you want. Also, write any other message you want on the inside (white or solid side) of the tie gift tag. Use double-sided sticky tape or fold over pieces of tape to stick down the tag at the top of your package, so that the knot and the fold are at the top. 

Father's Day DIY Tie Gift Tag | Revamperate
Now it looks like your package is wearing a tie. I bet your dad will love the touch of homemade to whatever gift you picked out! Enjoy!