DIY Diamond Cork Coasters

DIY Cork Diamond Coasters | Revamperate DIY Cork Diamond Coasters | Revamperate
Cork coasters are the easiest kind of coasters, in my opinion. I’ve tried the tile ones before, but they never work quite as well. These diamond cork coasters I made for Cut Out & Keep may be shaped funny, but they’re the perfect size for your drink and they hold up way better against condensation than tile coasters do. With only a few supplies, you can make these in a jiff!

Check out the full tutorial over on Cut Out & Keep as part of my DIY Superstar feature this past week!

DIY Herringbone Painting

Herringbone Painting | Revamperate Herringbone Painting | Revamperate
This DIY herringbone painting I made for Cut Out & Keep is actually an older project that I recycled for a new purpose, but it’s an oldie but goodie, in my opinion. Even though it’s quite old, it still sits on the bookshelf in the little “hallway” of my apartment. It was a pretty time consuming project at the time, and it paid off. Cutting all of those pieces of tape was WORK, but now I have a colorful painting to show for it and I love the herringbone pattern.

Check out the full tutorial for this painting over on Cut Out & Keep!

DIY Dresser Knob Jewelry Hanger

DIY Knobbed Jewelry Hanger | RevamperateDIY Knobbed Jewelry Hanger | Revamperate
I’ve tried multiple ways to hang my necklaces, and I still find that they get too cluttered and knotted. I never really find what I’m looking for and I don’t want to dig. Eventually, I separated my short and long necklaces, which helped a lot, but I still wanted to storage solution for my long necklaces. So here’s my solution: a dresser knob jewelry hanger. With a piece of precut wood and drawer hardware, I crafted a cute wall hanging piece to hang my necklaces in. If you have a drill, it’s a piece of cake!

Check out the full tutorial over on Cut Out & Keep!

DIY Stenciled Clock

DIY Stenciled Clock | Revamperate DIY Stenciled Clock | Revamperate
Today’s post over on Cut Out & Keep is my DIY stenciled clock. I started this clock with no real plans for it, and Andrew can attest to the fact that it sat on our table blank and boring for quite sometime. Eventually I found this cool arrow stencil and decided to use it to finish the clock, and I painted the numbers and clock hands the same color as our dining room chairs to tie things together. Now it hangs in our kitchen above the stove.

It’s a pretty easy DIY! Check out the full tutorial on Cut Out & Keep today!

DIY Color Dipped Hangers with Nail Polish

DIY Color Block Hangers with Nail Polish | Revamperate
Nail polish has become one of my go-to craft supplies. I’ve made my own, and I’ve use it to make enamel dot earrings. I sure wouldn’t have thought nail polish would be such a powerful craft tool, but it has come in really handy for me so far. For my week of DIYs over on Cut Out & Keep, I made these color dipped hangers with nail polish! I give Andrew a really hard time when he keeps his wire hangers from the dry cleaner, so at least there’s a way to make them look a little prettier in the closet! I’m sure he was really concerned about how pretty his hangers were. All guys are…

Check out the full tutorial on Cut Out & Keep!

DIY Dip Dyed Candleholders

DIY Dip Dyed Candleholders | Revamperate DIY Dip Dyed Candleholders | Revamperate
As part two of my weeklong DIY Superstar feature on Cut Out & Keep, I shared these DIY dip dyed candleholders. These glass candleholders were a lot of work, but I was so happy with the outcome. They’re a beautiful blue color and because I used glass paint, the color is still pretty clear, making it look more like something you might by in a store. To make the color brighter, I dipped them several times and let them dry, which was pretty time consuming, but the actual steps of the project are pretty easy. Pop a candle inside and let them glow!

Hint, hint: you can also try making them into your own candles using my really easy tutorial for making candles with wax melts.

DIY Dip Dyed Candleholders | Revamperate
Check out how to make them over on Cut Out & Keep today!

DIY Sisal Rope Basket

DIY Sisal Rope Storage Basket | Revamperate
Hey there, happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great long weekend. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might have seen my big news…I got a kitten! No words can really describe my happiness so I’ll just leave you with that. More pictures to come, of course.

Anyway, I’m being featured as a DIY Superstar over on Cut Out & Keep this week, so go check me out! They’ll be sharing one of my projects every day this week, starting with this DIY sisal rope basket. Not only is it really easy to make, the basket can actually double as a cat scratching post (oops!). It works great for housing extra blankets and pillows in my living room, and you’d never guess that it was actually made with a laundry basket. Gotta love the Dollar Store…

DIY Sisal Rope Storage Basket | Revamperate
Check out the full DIY sisal rope basket tutorial over on Cut Out & Keep, and stay tuned for several more DIYs this week!

DIY Embroidered Copper Desk Accessories

DIY Embroidered Copper Desk Accessories | RevamperateDIY Embroidered Copper Desk Accessories | Revamperate
Copper is my new favorite fad. I’ve slowly been painting everything I own copper with no plans to stop any time soon. Copper everything! That’s my motto right now. Case in point, I shared my copper vanity chair makeover last week. Naturally, I had to bring some of that copper love into my home office, which is basically a catchall for every random thing in our apartment.

Apartment living is hard when you’re a packrat, and our cluttered office is a huge point of contention for me. No matter how much I clean and organize it, it never actually feels clean and organized. Nonetheless, I continue to try and hide as much junk in the closet as I can, and I purge from time to time to reduce clutter, but it doesn’t change the purpose of the room – a dumping ground. Plus, it’s the only room truly safe from the cat since we almost always have the door closed. I have big plans for that office, but big plans take big money…

So let’s start small! Little pieces, like these embroidered copper desk accessories, are a great way to begin the makeover with little cost. These mesh accessories are very cheap (most of them are available at the Dollar Store!) and easy to brighten up with a little spray paint. Plus, the embroidery adds a fun colorful element with my favorite DIY flare. While the embroidery will take you some time and effort, it’s easy to do while you sit back and watch TV or something. I went for a chevron print and did a funky back and forth type of stitch through the mesh to make it look fuller.

DIY Embroidered Copper Desk Accessories | Revamperate
Time: 45 minutes + dry time


  • Wire mesh desk accessories
  • Copper spray paint
  • Embroidery thread (at least two colors)
  • Needle

DIY Embroidered Copper Desk Accessories | Revamperate
First, spray paint one coat of copper paint on the wire mesh, let dry and spray again. Let dry completely before beginning the next step.

Thread your needle and, starting at the back of the accessory, tie a knot through the mesh where you want to start your pattern – a pencil cup, for example. Thread the needle through every other piece of wire for about five stitches at a diagonal, thread it back down and back up again. This creates a thicker stitch and is the beginning of your chevron pattern. Without the thicker stitch, it’s hard to distinguish the pattern. Tip: you can use use yarn for a thicker look but I preferred the feeling of the embroidery thread.

At this point you should be at the top, so repeat the same process down at the opposite diagonal. Continue all the way around the cup, keeping a close eye on your pattern so your lines come out even. When you reach the end (where you began), tie another knot. The pattern may not match up perfectly where you started and that’s ok. Just tie the knots and make that the back of your accessory.

DIY Embroidered Copper Desk Accessories | Revamperate DIY Embroidered Copper Desk Accessories | Revamperate
If you run out of thread at any point, tie two pieces together and continue the pattern. Most likely, you can hide the knots on the inside of the cup so that it’s out of sight. After you finish the first color, use another color of thread to repeat the pattern below the original. Repeat with as many colors as you want!

Once done, trim any loose threads to disguise the knots and fill ’em up! With so many types of mesh accessories available, you can do this with anything. Fill with your fun copper office supplies and display on your desk. Happy crafting!

DIY Thrifted Vanity Chair Makeover

DIY Vanity Chair Makeover | Revamperate
One major downside to living in an apartment is the space. It kills me every day not to have a backyard for spray painting and a giant kitchen for baking and a large room dedicated to my craft supplies. I dream of having that one day, but for now I make do with a lovely two bedroom apartment that really is a steal for the area I live in. Nonetheless, it makes it difficult to pursue my new hobby – furniture makeovers.

Every time my mom and sister come to town from San Diego, we go to a swap meet in Huntington Beach. If you live in the LA/OC area, I highly recommend the swap meet at Goldenwest College every Saturday and Sunday. It’s like a giant garage sale that always has new stuff. You know the expression “everything and the kitchen sink?” I’ve literally seen the kitchen sink for sale there, among anything else you can possibly imagine. It’s my favorite place to find things like this darling thrifed vanity chair for only $8. I couldn’t believe it. Had to have it.

A while back, I performed one of these makeovers on a much more hopeless case – these vintage dining room chairs. They came out so well that I was really excited to perform some spray painting and upholstery magic on this chair. This one was in much better condition than the dining chairs, so fixing it up was a piece of cake, and here’s how I did it.

Time: 2 hours (including dry time)


  • One can of spray paint (copper is my fav!)
  • Sandpaper
  • 1 yard of fabric to match
  • Staple gun
  • Power drill

Here’s what it looked like when I started – a little dirty and scuffed up, screaming for some new paint.

DIY Vanity Chair Makeover | Revamperate
First, I used the drill to remove the seat from the chair frame. Save the screws!

Then I sanded down any uneven edges in the metal. For the most part, the color was worn but the metal itself was in decent condition, so the sanding was minimal. That’s a great thing about metal. Then I spray painted the chair with a light coat of copper spray paint and let it dry before spraying a second coat, making sure to coat the sides of the legs and underneath. Those are the tough to reach spaces.

While the paint dries, you can begin reupholstering the chair seat. In some cases, you need to completely remove the padding of the chair if it’s old and falling apart like my dining chairs were. Lucky for me, the chair was in very good condition so I didn’t have to remove the padding this time.

DIY Vanity Chair Makeover | Revamperate DIY Vanity Chair Makeover | Revamperate
I laid the round piece down on the backside of the new fabric (heavier fabric is better, but I chose a thin cotton fabric). Trace a 2-3 inch circle around the seat to allow space for the fabric to fold over the entire seat, and cut with fabric scissors. Lay the seat cushion top facing down onto the backside of the fabric and fold over the fabric to make sure you have room to staple. Begin stapling down the fabric every few inches around the base of the seat (closer to the edge is better), and keeping the fabric taught.

Continue stapling tightly all the way around, pleating the fabric around the edges of the seat as necessary. Because it’s round, some pleated will be necessary. Now you have a beautiful new seat cushion. When your spray paint is dry, you need to secure the seat back to the chair frame. It’s a little difficult to line up the existing holes in the bottom of the seat with the holes in the chair frame, but when you do, screw the original screws back in to place. That’s it!

Making over furniture can be pretty easy, depending on how damaged the the furniture is. From start to finish, it really didn’t take me long to fix up my thrifted vanity chair. Still figuring out the best place for this gorgeous chair, but it will find a home soon!

What’s your favorite thrifted find?

DIY Easy Wax Melts Candles

DIY Wax Melts Candles | Revamperate DIY Wax Melts Candles | Revamperate
I’m not usually one for candles, but I thought of this idea for making the easiest candles ever, and I just had to see if it really worked. Well, guess what? It worked! I made these cute little votive candles with wax melts. Easiest homemade candles ever.

These DIY wax melts candles are the perfect homemade gift, especially for Mother’s Day! Moms love candles, right? Plus, these are easy enough to make that they are a good last minute gift. All you need is one quick trip to the craft store and that’s it.

I was really excited to see these work out so well, and you can make several of these candles in no time. I found these glass votives and pre-made wax melts (lemon meringue) at Michaels for next to nothing, so it’s also a pretty inexpensive gift.

Note, one small package of wax melts (6 squares) makes one candle of this size. The wicks I used were also made for this votive size. If you have extra wick, you can easily cut it down to fit your candle holder. If you’re using a large size or making more than one, just make sure to buy enough wax melts. Mine were on sale. Score! Michaels had every scent you can imagine, so I’m excited to make a million more wax melts candles after this little experiment.

DIY Wax Melts Candles | Revamperate
Time: 25 minutes

Supplies (makes one wax melts candle):

First, clean the small votives and dry them. Then begin to melt the wax melts in a saucepan on the lowest heat setting. Wax melts very easily, so leaving it on low heat will still get the job done quickly. If you want to make multiple candles, you can melt more wax together. As it’s melting, stick the very bottom of the wick into the melted wax and then to the bottom of the votive. The small amount of wax will dry quickly. Use a clothespin to hold the wick in place, letting it rest on the top of the votive.

DIY Wax Melts Candles | Revamperate DIY Wax Melts Candles | Revamperate
Once it’s completely melted, carefully begin pouring the wax into the votive. The heat will probably case the wick to drift, so the clothespin is important for holding it in the middle of the candle. Pour the melted wax into the candle holder until it has about 1/2 inch space at the top and let it harden completely. This will take between 10-20 minutes. Trim the wick to the size you want.

After the wax has hardened completely, you’re ready to gift them, burn them or display them! Have fun with them – dress up the candle holders if you want. I know I’ve got some plans for mine! Happy crafting!

What’s your favorite candle scent?