August Recap


Another month, another recap! August has been wonderful, and sadly summer is coming to an end, but I’m definitely looking forward to cooler weather.

This month, we celebrated Andrew’s 23rd birthday (albeit maybe a little too hard). We spent a weekend on the river in Arizona with my family and spent a night on the town in Long Beach with our friends.

IMG_5227 IMG_5223 IMG_5225

I celebrated my three month anniversary at my job. It’s hard to believe three months has already passed. It’s true what they say – time flies as you get older. That’s right, I just called almost-23 OLD.


photo 5 (1)

Our friends came over for dinner in our constantly changing apartment. Now that we’ve hung our curtains, hung our artwork and made over our dining room chairs, the apartment feels much more like home. It also helps when Andrew randomly brings me flowers for the table. Oliver has truly made himself at home with us, which means my new curtains already have kitten claw holes in them…he’s lucky he’s cute.

IMG_5198 IMG_5143

Unfortunately, Oliver gave us a scare when we got back from our trip to Arizona. We found him stuck underneath our chair with a string wrapped around his paw, cutting off his circulation. After a scary trip to the animal hospital, I’m happy to say he’s perfectly fine.

IMG_5243 IMG_5368


This weekend Andrew and I are taking a trip to Pleasanton to visit his family for a big Scottish games festival. Although I’m dreading the long drive, it’s always entertaining to see Andrew in a kilt! Don’t worry; there will be photos. Looking forward to lots of food and sun for the long weekend.

As we move into September, I have even more to look forward to. My birthday is next Friday, and Andrew has been teasing me with boxes I can’t open for weeks. I also have plans to visit my family and fly to the East Coast for work later on. Here it goes!

Hope you all have a nice long weekend!

July Recap


IMAG1518 I guess you could say we took it easy this month. We’ve been working really hard to make our revamped apartment feel like home, and we’ve taken some time to relax as I’ve had some recent health issues keeping my energy down. July went by so quickly, I just can’t believe I’m already writing another monthly recap!

As you probably already know, the big news month is….we got a cat! Read more about our little Oliver here. He’s been with us for almost three weeks, and he’s gotten pretty comfortable (tearing up my new curtains, destroying his toys and wrecking havoc around our apartment). He’s adorable though, and he’s quite the cuddlebug. I absolutely love it.

IMG_4993IMG_4879Other than our little bundle of fur, we enjoyed a lot of family time this month. One of Andrew’s sisters recently moved to Los Angeles, so we’ve spent time with her as well as Andrew’s grandparents and cousins. My mom also came up to help me choose fabric for our curtains – my mom is a much, much better sewer than I am.



IMG_5045 IMAG1507

We also attended Renegade Craft Fair, which is something I’ve been looking forward to for months. Of course it was the one day that it rained in California in July, but once the drizzle let up it was a hot but beautiful day in downtown Los Angeles.


I’m so in love with craft fairs – is that weird of me to say? Everyone is just so nice and down to earth, and it’s so great to see all of the things that people do. Every time I go, I collect a hundred business cards so that I can come back to it all later through Etsy and Instagram because, sadly, I cannot afford everything (I try to though). Nonetheless, I made out with some great finds – a new print for our bedroom, a crazy cat lady mug, extremely awkward herbal tea, and one-of-a-kind jewelry. Plus we got to try some amazing food truck grub and specialty popsicles. It made for a wonderful Sunday, and I can’t wait until December when Renegade comes around again!

IMG_5010 IMG_5035IMG_5021IMG_5051 IMAG1483

Meet Oliver

Everyone, meet Oliver!


Oliver is the newest member of our little household, and we couldn’t be happier to have this little bundle of purrs. Seriously, he purrs like a motorboat. It’s adorable!

Andrew and his sister are friends with someone who works for a shelter here in LA, and she connected us with this little guy through a friend of hers. Oliver (formerly known as Cheetoh) was found behind a Starbucks dumpster and is only about 3-4 months old. We were fortunate that the shelter paid for all of his expenses – they gave him his shots, neutered him and gave him the medicine he needed for fleas and worms. Now he’s in perfect shape and even knows how to use his littler box! We’re the luckiest adoptive parents ever.

His foster mom, a volunteer for the shelter, brought him to us on Sunday, and needless to say, he has been the center of attention. As you can see, he’s getting pretty comfortable.



He has the cutest old man face and concerned eyebrows! I’ll never get sick of this little guy. If you follow my Instagram, be prepared to see nothing but kitty photos from now on (sorry not sorry). Stay tuned for updates on Oliver and the many projects I’m sure to make for him!


June Recap


Is June really over already? Time is flying these days!

For us, June was the “month of weddings.” Everyone I know got married this month, I swear. Andrew and I attended two beautiful weddings – one for my old coworker and one for his cousin.


IMG_4520 IMAG1140

I watched the Kings win the Stanley Cup from a bar in Hermosa Beach this month with some new coworkers.



Andrew and I also attempted to play tennis again for the first time since high school. We did okay for two out-of-practice players, but our friends killed us on the court.


We’ve also spent the last few weeks preparing for the big move, which finally took place this weekend! We spent the weekend painting, cleaning and sorting through chaos with the help of our friends. So thankful they were willing to help out (though they were bribed with pizza and beer).

photo photo (1)

Saturday was the first day we could officially call it OUR apartment, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s all coming together piece by piece, and one day I’ll be able to share our ongoing updates.

Looking forward to another month and the 4th of July this weekend (my favorite holiday after Christmas)!

May Recap


May brought a lot of changes! I started my new job and will be finishing up my fourth week today. Time has been flying by and it’s been a hectic ride, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless (especially the paycheck).  I’m also enjoying having actual weekends because until recently, weekends to me were mythical things that only existed until you graduated high school.

At the beginning of May, I said goodbye to my coworkers at my two old jobs. It was sad to leave such great friends, but they were so supportive of my new job and embarrassed me with balloons and gifts on my final days.

Andrew graduated with his bachelor’s degree last week and I couldn’t be prouder of him as he starts his next adventure working full time. His family came down to attend, and I was able to meet some of his family members for the first time, which was really exciting considering we’ve already been together over a year. We had such a great day and night with friends and family.

Several of Andrew’s fraternity brothers also graduated this month, so we attended our mutual friend’s party, complete with karaoke, a fire pit and a DJ (his cousin).


My family visited me near Long Beach, bringing with them my two nieces who grow six inches every time I see them, I swear. My youngest niece just turned one a few weeks ago.


A friend turned 21 (finally) so we celebrated with a night of barhopping!


We also went rollerskating, which was both really fun and really difficult. It’s funny how things we did when we were kids become more difficult when we’re older and out of practice. After a few close calls, I like to think I got the hang of it though.


Recently, Andrew and I also came to the final decision to move in together in the apartment I currently live in. We’ve been talking about taking this next step for so long, and it’s crazy to think we’re finally going to do it in July! You know what moving means – more projects! I’m already driving him crazy with the things I want to do to OUR apartment, and he’s already rolling his eyes at how girly my ideas are, but we’ll work it out, and you’ll be seeing all of our new projects as they evolve. July 1st cannot come fast enough!

April Recap


April has been a great month! Seriously.


I got a full time job, so that tops anything else that possibly could have happened this month! Needless to say, it’s been a nonstop celebration around here. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in December and the struggle to find a new job has kept me considerably stressed out. I’m so excited to start my career in just one more week!



In other news, My boyfriend Andrew and I hiked the hills of Laguna Beach earlier this month with a couple friends of ours. There’s a point called the Top of the World that overlooks the ocean and surrounding area. It’s beautiful. We also hiked way down into the hills to see an old car wreck from the 1940s or so.  Then we ended the night relaxing in our friend’s jacuzzi.


We also got to watch Up and Pokemon on a projector from the comfort of a jacuzzi, so that’s pretty awesome.




Andrew and I visited my parents in San Diego for Easter, where we spent time with my extended family and held an Easter egg hunt for my niece, cousins and friends on Saturday. I also got to spend some quality time with my cat.



On Easter Sunday, Andrew and I tagged along with my sister and her two daughters to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, which isn’t too far from my parent’s house. Chasing after a 4-year-old around all day will really get your heartbeat up. We followed it up with lunch at BJ’s (my favorite) to celebrate my new job and my sister’s birthday, which was the same day.


We spent some time with our friends from Andrew’s fraternity and their significant others. Every year, Phi Gamma Delta holds a huge party called FIJI Islander that blows every other party out of the water. This time there was a photo booth run by Viral Booth that we all took full advantage of! I couldn’t have asked for a more fun Thursday night, and all of the dancing left my muscles sore for the next three days.



I took Andrew’s graduation photos this week. He’s the real photographer, but I think I did all right. Isn’t our campus beautiful?

I also started Project Life this month, but not in the traditional fashion of creating a page a day. I’m still learning the best way to scrapbook for this style, but it’s fun to finally try something new! One of these days maybe I’ll feel ready to share it here.

May will be another busy, exciting month. Andrew is about to graduate, and I’ll be getting into the swing of things at my new job. Lots of new stories ahead!