5-Minute DIY Copper Pipe Towel Hanger

DIY Copper Pipe Towel Hanger | Revamperate DIY Copper Pipe Towel Hanger | RevamperateCan we just take a second to admire copper refrigerator pipe? I mean, it’s probably my new favorite craft supply because I can use it for so many things. It’s so pretty and shiny and easy to bend (unlike plumbing pipe). 

Today’s DIY is part of my 5-minute DIY series because, yes, it’s that easy! With some copper refrigerator pipe, you can make this cute but very simple copper pipe towel hanger for a kitchen or bathroom. To make sure the hanger moves properly when you’re using or moving the towel, I recommend using a hook instead of a nail to hang it on your wall. A nail is less stable, and the hook gives it a chance to move more freely without falling. 

DIY Copper Pipe Towel Hanger | RevamperateTime: 5 minutes


  • Copper refrigerator pipe
  • Pipe cutter
  • Hook
  • Tape measure

This project is really simple! Cut a piece of refrigerator pipe approximately 32 inches long. Measure about 8 inches from the end and bend a 45 degree angle. Measure another 8 inches down the pipe and bend at a 90 degree angle (this will be the top). Another 8 inches down, bend another 45 degree angle, so you should have two layers on the bottom of the hanger. This lends some stability. 

To hang the towel rack on your wall, choose your spot and carefully screw in a small hook. You shouldn’t need a drill to do this.  Then place the top bend of the pipe inside the hook, which allows it to move freely if needed. Hang your towel on the bottom portion and you’re all set. 

Easy peeasy, right? Just what I need on a Monday…Happy crafting! 

DIY Layered Copper Pipe Pendant Necklace

DIY Layered Copper Pipe Pendant Necklace | Revamperate DIY Layered Copper Pipe Pendant Necklace | RevamperateContinuing on with my copper obsession, I’ve been updating some of the items in our newly redesigned (!!!) office space with some copper spray paint. I can’t wait to share the final redesign in about a month! 

I spent some time going through our office closet to purge some supplies or find ways to use items I hadn’t touched in a while. That included my supply of copper refrigerator pipe. Thinking of ways to use it, I decided it would be perfect for making a necklace with different layers of pipe. 

It turned out to be a very quick project, and I was really happy with the outcome! Honestly, the hardest part of this DIY is just waiting for the glue to dry. To make it as easy as possible, I recommend using a pipe cutter like this one to cut the refrigerator pipe. It makes it SO much easier and it keeps the ends clean. 

DIY Layered Copper Pipe Pendant Necklace | Revamperate DIY Layered Copper Pipe Pendant Necklace | Revamperate DIY Layered Copper Pipe Pendant Necklace | RevamperateTime: 10 minutes 


Cut the refrigerator pipe into five 1 1/2-inch pieces. To keep each pipe the same size, I recommend marking each 1 1/2 inch with a dot of ink before cutting. If the ends are jagged, sand them down until smooth, but they should be smooth if you use a pipe cutter.

Cut the string string to about 3 1/2 feet. It’s better to overestimate the length. 

Thread the first piece of pipe onto the string so that it’s approximately in the middle. Thread the next piece onto one side, and then thread the other side of the string through the same piece of pipe. Repeat with all pieces of pipe. You should now have five layered pieces of pipe that sit right on top of each other.

Using you round nose pliers, add jump rings to each cord end, and attach the clasp to one jump ring. 

Trim the string again to your desired necklace length and glue the ends of the string to the cord ends. Because the string will probably be thinner than the cord ends, you may need to fold the end of the string to fit more snuggly into the metal piece. Allow to dry completely before wearing. 

It holds up pretty well as long as the glue dried completely, and if the copper dulls, you can shine it up with a good cleanser. If you’re as obsessed with copper pipe as I am, you can also check out my copper pipe bracelet and copper pipe magazine rack.

DIY Layered Copper Pipe Pendant Necklace | Revamperate DIY Layered Copper Pipe Pendant Necklace | RevamperateHappy crafting!

5-Minute DIY Wrapped Copper Pipe Bracelet

DIY Copper Pipe Bracelet | Revamperate DIY Copper Pipe Bracelet | RevamperateCopper pipe is a favorite lately, and it’s quickly become a staple in my craft closet. So far, I’ve used copper pipe to make a magazine rack, and I’ve got a lot of other ideas up my sleeve. When I was home visiting family a while back, I was telling my dad about my newest copper pipe obsession and mentioned I was looking to get some refrigerator pipe for a couple projects. Lucky for me, he had a ton of it! That’s the benefit of having a handy dad – he always has little tools and supplies I need so I don’t always have to buy things. 

I used that refrigerator pipe to make this copper pipe bracelet. It’s incredibly easy to make – seriously, it’s the easiest jewelry tutorial ever. And yes, you want to use refrigerator pipe, not plumbing pipe to make this bracelet because of how easily it bends. 

DIY Copper Pipe Bracelet | RevamperateDIY Copper Pipe Bracelet | RevamperateTime: 5 minutes


  • 1/4 inch copper refrigerator pipe 
  • Pipe cutter (hacksaw also works) 
  • Sandpaper (optional)
  • Round object like a spray paint can, etc. 

Depending on the size of your wrist, cut the pipe to be about 5-6 inches. I have very small wrists, so make sure you adjust the size to fit your own.

I used a pipe cutter, which made a pretty clean cut. If you don’t have one, you can use something like a hacksaw, in which case you’ll probably want to use sandpaper to clean up the cut edge. Luckily, the thin pipe will still cut quickly and easily. 

Refrigerator pipe bends easily, so you can do all of the work with your hands. Placing the middle of the pipe over a spray paint can (or something similar), begin bending it around the can. Once you’ve started the bend, it’s a bit easier to wrap it around the can. Then remove it from the can and continue bending around your wrist to make sure it fits. Once you’re satisfied with the fit of the copper, you’re done! If it’s tough to get on or off, you can just bend it slightly to loosen or tighten it as needed. 

It’s simple, but it makes a perfect addition to any outfit. Just remember to shine it up as needed to keep the copper looking great! Happy crafting!

DIY Copper Pipe Bracelet | Revamperate