Mother’s Day DIY Triangle Painted Vases

Mother's Day DIY: Triangle Painted Vase | Revamperate Mother's Day DIY: Triangle Painted Vase | Revamperate
Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Today I’m celebrating moms with an easy DIY for a geometric or triangle painted vase. Fill the vase with flowers for a lovely homemade gift that the moms in your life will love. I know flowers probably seem like the most obvious and stereotypical Mother’s Day gift, but they’re also a great go-to gift when you’re not sure what to get someone. Plus, the homemade vase adds sentiment and thoughtfulness, making it a sweet gift. Homemade gifts are always a great choice!

I made triangle painted vases in three different colors, and all three came out really bright and vibrant with really clean lines after I removed the tape. Perfect for a springtime decor piece too! I’ll be keeping at least one of mine on hand to fill flowers on our table from time to time. Ok, now for the quick tutorial.

Mother's Day DIY: Triangle Painted Vase | Revamperate
Time: 30 minutes + dry time 


  • Montana Cans spray paint
  • Tall glass vase
  • Painter’s tape
  • Flowers (duh!)

I found my vases at Michaels for only a few dollars. First, wash them with soap and warm water and dry well. Remove any stickers and residue with warm water before painting.

Tape off the triangles you want with painter’s tape all around the vase. When it comes to tape, never be cheap! The more expensive it is, the better is probably works, but I used a medium-priced brand from Lowe’s that I was very happy with. You don’t need to follow a specific pattern, but you can cut thicker tape in half if you want thinner lines between your triangles. I wanted mine to be random, so the spacing between triangles varies. Make sure every space that you do not want paint on is covered with tape. You’ll probably use A LOT of tape, and that’s totally fine. Smooth out the tape around the triangles and make sure it is secure so no paint with seep through.

Hint: you can also invert this project so that the triangles are clear and the rest is colored!

Mother's Day DIY: Triangle Painted Vase | Revamperate Mother's Day DIY: Triangle Painted Vase | Revamperate
When your tape is secure, spray a coat of paint over the openings, holding the can about one foot away while your paint. Let it dry and spray a second coat. I used Montana Cans Power Orange, Malachite and Teen Spirit for my vases, and they came out beautifully vibrant. I think the Malachite was my favorite though! Make sure to get the corners of the triangles when you paint, and don’t hold the can too close to the vase or it may drip.

Once the paint is dry after the second coat, gently peel off the tape and let the clear glass shine through. The spray paint worked really well on the glass and held up nicely to a soaping wash after I took the tape off.

Fill your geometric vase with your mom’s favorite flowers and give it to her on Mother’s Day with a nice card, and you’ve got a colorful and personal gift that will really show you care. Those are always the best gifts, I think. To all you moms out there, happy Mother’s Day!

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Roundup | Mother’s Day Finds Under $50

Roundup: Mother's Day Finds Under $50 | Revamperate
Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so I thought it was appropriate to share a couple of my favorite Mother’s Day finds under $50 that will make excellent gifts for the moms in your life!

1 | Wine paring dishtowel set 2 | Mom’s copper mug 3 | Recipe box 4 | Gold “mom” charm 5 | Beater whisk 6 | Scarf 7 | Coral stud earrings 8 | Goat milk soap 9 | Canvas pouch 10 | Black & white art print 

Happy shopping! Stay tuned for a couple more Mother’s Day DIYs to try this week if you need a last minute gift.