DIY Tassel Earrings

DIY Tassel Earrings | Revamperate DIY Tassel Earrings | Revamperate
Hey, happy Monday! I’ve been having a lot of fun with jewelry DIYs lately and today’s tutorial was the perfect quick fix. I tend to have those evenings where I’m sitting at home watching TV and suddenly get the urge to make something. These homemade tassel earrings sort of just happened one night out of boredom, and they turned out to be a fun end-of-summer accessory! 

These DIY tassel earrings are incredibly easy to make and only require a few cheap supplies. You can make them in every single color you want using embroidery floss! Embroidery floss is one the most under-appreciated craft supplies, but it’s incredibly useful for a variety of projects. This happens to be one of my favorites, but I also used embroidery floss recently to make this ombre string wrapped frame

I don’t know why, but I really love this photo! When I make Andrew take photos of me for projects like this, it’s hard to always stay serious and smile on cue, so we end up making fun of TV photo photoshoots where people say stuff like “act like a lion” and end up laughing with lots of outtakes of me making weird faces, and I just thought this one turned out to be a cool, more candid shot. 

DIY Tassel Earrings | Revamperate DIY Tassel Earrings | Revamperate
Time: 10 minutes


  • Embroidery floss
  • Dangling earring hardware 
  • 2 large jump rings 
  • Round nose pliers 
  • Scissors 

The great thing about embroidery floss is that it’s the perfect size to make tassels! This is the easiest way you could ever make them, and because embroidery floss comes in pretty much every color under the rainbow, the possibilities are endless. Leave the labels intact around the string so that the tassels are easier to make. 

With your round nose pliers, pry open the jump rings, loop them into each end of the string (the tops of your tassels), and attach them to the bottom of the dangling earring hardware. Then close the rings tightly. 

Remove the labels from the embroidery floss. 

Cut two 2-inch pieces of string from the small packet of string, preferable from each end so that you’re cutting an even amount of string off each side, and leave the rest intact. Tie each piece tightly around each end of the embroidery floss, leaving about a half-inch loop (where the jump rings are). When each end is secure, carefully cut right down the middle of the pack of embroidery floss so that it separates into two equal-sized tassels. Use your scissors to even out the pieces as needed. 

That’s all there is to it! The hardest part might be getting the jump rings attached to the tassels because it’s a small space to work with, but as long as you take your time, it will happen. Happy crafting!

PS – beware of cats….they really like dangling earrings, especially when they’re made with string 🙂 

DIY Tassel Earrings | Revamperate DIY Tassel Earrings | Revamperate