My Top 3 New Home Resolutions

My Top 3 New Home Resolutions | RevamperateHappy Monday, guys! This weekend was big for us. We got the keys to our new apartment and have about a week to fully move from our old place to our new one. Because of the move, I’ve taken a step back from the blog since I have a million other things to figure out (AHH). Nonetheless, I wanted to take a little time to share what this move has been like and share what my new home resolutions are.

Are new home resolutions a thing? If not, I guess I’m making them a thing.

This is only the second move I’ve ever made (lucky for me!) so I can’t exactly call myself an expert. I’ve only ever lived in two places my whole life, and our current apartment has held so many memories for me because it’s where I moved when I left my parents’ house during college and I’ve lived there for five years with three different people (one of which is my boyfriend and current “roommate”). As with any home, I have some things I can’t wait to get away from (e.i. our lack of dishwasher, loud neighbors and constant motorcycles) but it’s also really hard to leave the memories. I got an incredible deal for this apartment, and it’s very large and gated, something that I’ll be giving up with my new apartment. 

Change is tough. I’m sure everyone can agree with that, but it can also be super exciting! As scary as it is to start a new chapter in a new home, it’s also really exciting to have a fresh start. Like, even though packing can be a pain, it’s helping amp up my excitement for the move and keeping me from feeling too anxious. Plus, we’re getting a dishwasher! I can’t stress that enough! 

Anyway, we’re having to downsize a lot for our new apartment, so as a packrat, it’s been really hard to get rid of the knick-knacks I’ve acquired over the years. I’m making it happen though! You would be amazed how much I’ve managed to get rid of!

My Top 3 New Home Resolutions | RevamperateMy first apartment meant that I was going to make some mistakes (kind of like a first-time homeowner). Going into a new apartment with a fresh start, I made a few “new home resolutions” that I’m going to try my hardest to keep:

1. Decorate with Caution

The most fun part of a new place is the opportunity to decorate it all over again. I don’t even live there yet and I’m going crazy window shopping everywhere I go with a million decor ideas buzzing in my head. BUT I’m trying not to buy anything. With the last apartment, I learned not to make too many snap decisions because when I’m unhappy with them, I’m kind of stuck with them. For example, we made a quick decision on a paint color for our living area and ended up with paint that was WAY too dark, but at that point, there was no turning back and we’ve been stuck with paint we didn’t love for almost two years. So now I’m trying to decorate patiently and cautiously to make sure that investing in any decor pieces is worth it and it’s something that I (and Andrew) really love. 

2. Buy for Now, Not Next Year

As someone who crafts and bakes a lot, I tend to be guilty of overbuying supplies every time I go to Michaels or Target or pretty much anywhere. In general, my shopping philosophy is “it’s on sale, so I need it” and I’m trying to overcome this. We have a storage unit at the current apartment, and as I was cleaning it out, I found so many supplies I purchased on a whim that I didn’t end up using and had to throw away because of lack of space (usually seasonal things). It’s a waste of space and money. I’m spending a lot of time organizing the supplies that I’m keeping to ensure I don’t go overboard, so my resolution is to only buy what I need right now, not for a project I want to make two months from now. After all, I change my mind a lot, and I don’t want to end up with unused supplies taking up the little space that I have. 

3. Don’t Put Off Cleaning

When I moved into our current apartment, my then roommate had already been living there for a while. She was very cleanly and made sure my room and bathroom were clean prior to moving in, but coming in to an already lived-in place meant that it hadn’t been cleaned to death by a professional like when you move in to a brand new place. Over the years, no matter how hard I scrubbed the floors, they never looked clean and this has always driven me crazy. We found great cleaning solutions over the years, but even as I’m moving out and cleaning up, it just doesn’t feel clean enough. Any clean freaks understand what I mean? Our new apartment has been recently renovated, so I’m really excited to come into a new, super clean home with never-before-used appliances and freshly cleaned floors. I’m determined to keep them that way! My strategy is to clean as I go and not wait until it feels “too dirty.” As much as I hate cleaning the bathroom, I’d rather live in a place that feels ultra clean. 

Here’s to hoping that we love the new place, no matter how small it may be! I definitely don’t want to move again for a while!