DIY Donut Tray

DIY Donut Tray | Revamperate DIY Donut Tray | RevamperateI feel like it’s been ages since I shared a DIY project here, so it’s about time I get back into the swing of things and share a new project. And what better time to do that than for National Donut Day tomorrow! 

Donut Day is my favorite of all the food holidays, so when I started brainstorming what to make for this beloved holiday, I landed on something that I hoped would be useful. After all, I am 100% out of space in my apartment, so I can only justify useful DIYs these days. That’s how this DIY donut tray was born!

Naturally, I will also be eating donuts this Friday, despite reminding myself I’m supposed to be “eating healthy.” I’ll make an exception, just this once…

Anyway, here’s how to make your own painted donut tray from a piece of wood and pretty drawer hardware! 

DIY Donut Tray | RevamperateTime: 30 minutes + dry time


  • Round wood, approx. 10 inch diameter 
  • 2 drawer handles with screws
  • Tan/light brown paint
  • Light pink paint
  • Other paint colors 
  • Variety of paintbrush sizes
  • Clear spray paint sealant 
  • Pencil
  • Drill (not required, but recommended)

First, sand the wood down if needed. I purchased mine at Michaels, so it was already smooth, but it’s actually made to be a clock, so I filled in the hole with a little putty. Using any round object as a stencil, draw a circle in the middle of the wood to show the hole in the middle of the donut. My hole measured about 3 inches. 

Next, paint the entire piece of wood (top and sides, minus the hole in the middle) a tan or light brown color. Let dry.

With the light pink paint, paint on the “frosting” about 1 inch from the edge of the wood in squiggles or waves. Leave about an inch between the donut hole and the “frosting.” If needed, use the pencil to sketch your design before painting. 

DIY Donut Tray | Revamperate DIY Donut Tray | RevamperateOnce dry, use a small paint brush to make small lines in various colors around the “frosting.” These are the sprinkles. Play around with the different angles of the lines so that they all do not face the same direction.

Spray the entire piece with a clear spray paint to seal the paint. This is recommended so that the paint does not chip off the wood. It also gives it a shine, but it’s not required.

Once completely dry, you will need to screw in the handles. About one inch from the edge, choose where you would like the first handle to go and mark the holes with a pencil. Each hole should be about an inch from the edge. Before drilling, use a ruler to measure where the opposite handle should go so that the handles are as even as possible. Mark the holes of the second handle. Lastly, drill the handles into the wood until secure. 

*Alternatively, you can use a heavy duty glue like E6000 to glue the handles but be warned it is less reliable. 

Now you have a completed donut tray for entertaining, holding donuts or drinks! In my case margaritas, which I thoroughly enjoyed drinking when they were done being used as props…

Happy National Donut Day! 


Roundup | 6 Tray DIYs to Try

Roundup: Tray DIYs to Try | Revamperate

Oh Monday, we meet again…it was a fun weekend and I’m sad to see it go. My mom spent the weekend with me, and it was nice to have some one-on-one time. She’s my sewing guru, so we spent a good part of the day yesterday working on a sewing project (to be shared soon!) and watching movies. Somehow my mom has managed to go all these years without seeing Harry Potter all the way through. Naturally, I started a marathon and we almost made it through all eight movies. She also taught me how to crochet so that I can start practicing something new, and it turns out basic crochet is WAY easier than I though it would be. It was a fun weekend, but it’s back to reality today. 

Instead of my usual recipes or DIYs, I’m taking a step back today to share some inspiration for DIY trays. I love them all but I think that hexagon tray might be my favorite. You can also see my own faux marble antique tray DIY I made a couple months back. So here’s some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing this week. I know I need it. Blogger burnout is starting to get to me, and my vacation coming up will be the perfect solution (I hope) to help me relax and start thinking creatively again. Hence, learning some new skills helps get the juices flowing again too! 

Here are six tray DIYs to try this week:

1 | DIY Wood Herringbone Tray by Style Me Pretty

2 | Wooden Hexagon Tray by Always Rooney

3 | Alcohol Ink Acrylic Tray by Dream a Little Bigger

4 | Kate Spade-inspired Tray by Beauty and Beard

5 | Marble Tray by Jen Woodhouse

6 | White Vanity Tray by Sugar and Cloth on Lulu’s

Have a great week!